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Author: Gtech Editorial Team

Building a Smart City: Mixed-use Development in Phnom Penh

Developments in urban planning and real estate have introduced new ways to city-living that alleviate problems faced in urban metropolises today. Riding this wave of urban regeneration, mixed-use developments have increased in popularity. According to figures from research by the World Health Organisation, the global

Office spaces of the future: Workspaces after COVID-19

How will fears of the pandemic impact the physical look and feel of offices? As people start making preparations to return to work, here’s what we anticipate the new normal to be. The Coronavirus pandemic has radically disrupted the structures of Work as we know

Hilton to enter Cambodia’s capital in 2022

With a global portfolio of 18 world-class brands and more than 977,000 rooms across 118 countries, American hotel group Hilton continues rapid expansion into the Asia-Pacific region. The group’s latest Southeast Asian expansion takes it into Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. Leading global hospitality group

Office space in Phnom Penh: 3 things to consider

Overview of office spaces in Phnom Penh The choice of an office space is one that has a lasting impact on the business’s future success. It is an area where companies cannot afford misstep, and is one that may seem daunting for many reasons. For